Nikolai Sidelnikov

I've created other world in mind
And other images have dropped into existence…
Mikhail Lermontov

Photo gallery

Nikolai Mikhailovich Sidelnikov and Maria Alekseyevna Speranskaya. Composer`s parents
Mother is an opera singer in stage costume
Father Nikolai Mikhailovich Sidelnikov
9 year old Nikolai with father (on the left side)
Nikolai Mikhailovich Sidelnikov. Conductor, artistic director of the Tver Philharmonic Orchestra
Sister Tatyana.
With father. 1947.
Memorial plaque to Father of Nikolai Sidelnikov in the Tver City Philharmonic
With mother and elder brother Mikhail.
N. Sidelnikov during his studies at the Moscow Conservatory. Early 50s
N. Sidelnikov. Late 50s
With wife Helena Araya. Early 60s.
N. Sidelnikov on the left, Yu. Shaporin in the centre. In front of the Moscow Conservatory.
N. Sidelnikov with son Savva and daughter Anastasia. Suzdal 1977.
Nikolai Sidelnikov 1965.
Nikolai Sidelnikov with his daughter Aglaya and composer Roman Ledenev.
N. Sidelnikov with his wife Helena.
Poland. 70s.
With daughter Aglaya.
Helena Araya. Wife of N. Sidelnikov.
With daughter Anastasia.
With son Savva. New York City. 1990.
Anastasia Sidelnikova. Elder daughter of N. Sidelnikov.
Savva Sidelnikov. Son of N. Sidelnikov.
Aglaya Sidelnikova. Уounger daughter of N. Sidelnikov.
Artistic director of the Tver Philharmonic Andrey Kruzhkov, daughter Anastasia and niece Natalia.
D. Shostakovich (left side), N. Sidelnikov (right side).
N. Sidelnikov in the centre, A. Schnitke on the right.
Nadia Boulanger with composers and students of the Moscow Conservatory.
N. Sidelnikov and composer B. Tchaikovsky.
With composers A. Vieru and R. Ledenev.
N. Sidelnikov and R. Ledenev with Romanian composers.
M. Rostropovich, K. Kondrashin, N. Sidelnikov.
After the concert in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.
N. Sidelnikov and musicologist Yu. Korev
N. Sidelnikov and M. Rostropovich.
With cellist N. Shahovskaya.
With conductor G. Rozhdestvensky.
N. Sidelnikov, M. Pekarsky, A. Mamyko, P. Yegorov, G. Rozhdestvensky.
S. Yakovenko, N. Sidelnikov, J. Kakhidze.
N. Sidelnikov, J.Kakhidze, V. Kakhidze. Georgia.
With conductor V. Polyansky.
With conductor A. Dmitriev.
N. Sidelnikov and conductor J. Kakhidze.
N. Sidelnikov and G. Kancheli.
Late 80s.
J. Kakhidze, N. Sidelnikov, N. Gabuniya. Tbilisi. Early 1980s.
After the concert. Late 80s.
With representatives of the Chinese Embassy after the concert in the Moscow Conservatory.
N. Sidelnikov and G. Haimovsky. New York City. In front of the Merkin Hall. 1990.
Nikolai Sidelnikov, Roger Mahadeen, Gregory Haimovsky, Fabio Gardenal after premiere. New York City.
Concert in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory to the 85th anniversary of Nikolai Sidelnikov.
With pianist M. Voskresensky. Spain 1991.